How can I make friends with the rich?

There is an old saying that birds of a feather flock together. It means people gathering around you by groups. Usually, you’ll make friends with the same interests, similar living location, growth environment, and almost the same society class. In other words, if you are a low-income person, it will be less possible for you to make friends with the rich. As we know, the rich possess most useful and advanced resource in the world, so There are lots of people wan t to make friends with them. But the question is how can I make friends with the rich?

Based on a large amount of data we collected from kinds of aspects, actually most from our successful readers, we concluded them into several suggestions as follows. Hope it will help.

1.With a educated background.

Generally, the rich people are pretty smart themselves, and they prefer to make friends with whose who can catch up with them. It means if you can have a nice conversation with them on something they care about, it will be easy to get their attention among people just say “ Yes, sir. I couldn’t agree more.” Of course, you can come up with more creative opinions if you are a well-educated person. Definitely, it is not a must, but it will help a lot. Whether you are a good listener or a talker, profound knowledge will be your shinning point to attract the rich.

However, It doesn’t mean it is impossible to make friends with the rich if you haven’t got a higher education. Reading makes a full man. Keeping do extensive reading, not skim the surface but think it deeply, then you will be more wise after a period of time.

2.With a good judgement

Be an independent Individual seems very simple but not so easy to achieve. A person who always has a clear mind and idea on something is more easily to make a good judgement when unexpected things happened. People of this type is seen as independent individuals. They will not be swayed from their decision easily. They are more automatic, potential and calm. The rich would like to be friends with this type of people, cause they knew that independent people with good judgement will be one of their group soon or later.

3.With a face can be recognized

One day, you met a stranger near your house, it is hard for you to recognized him in another place. However, If you meet him everyone wherever you are, you’ll finally get used to him even you don’t know his name. Hold on, I am not encourage you to be a stalker. The simplest method is to find his social account and say hello, hi or hey to him, everyday morning and night. If things continue like this way for a long enough period of time, even a simple everyday greeting will possibly become a chance.

In fact, if you are not wanna date with the rich, you can also be online friends with them. It may be easier for you. But if you set the mind to find a wealthy person to be his girlfriend or her boyfriend, MillionaireMatch will give you a better stand to start.